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A Ruby-On-Rails Solution

Escent operates on the Ruby-On-Rails (RoR) technology platform. RoR is a high end, open source, development platform that is widely embraced by the professional software development community. Key RoR characteristics are these:

> Ruby, the programming language, is among the purest of object-oriented languages. This makes it a useful language to easily create process flows.

> The Rails framework imposes the Model-View-Controller (MVC) conventions on the software development process. MVC preserves the distinction between the underlying data model (which is the heart of a true enterprise solution like escent ) and the views that users see when using the tools. This makes for adaptable tools, agile flows, and stable data despite ever changing requirements.

> RoR is Database Independent, meaning the underlying database engine can be switched without impacting the tools people rely on. This makes the RoR environment scale-able and increasingly economic as data volume and the escent application suite expand.


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