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An Enterprise Platform

escent is an enterprise platform for a community of collaborating institutions; education's consultancies and the schools they serve.

Enterprise platforms are built for the goal of transformation; of fundamentally improving how an enterprise creates, manages, and distributes its products. Schools, too, are enterprises that do these things.

The notion of “product” is not widely considered in education today. Yet in fact, students consume the products schools have to offer through their teachers. Everything done in a school supports the point where a teacher delivers a learning learning experience to her students. So, ultimately, every operational practice and methodology must, in some discernible way, affect the teacher/student interaction.

The role of an enterprise platform is to create the thread connecting a school's methods to the teacher/student interaction. The platform is the integrating foundation that puts a particular methodology in the context of the whole.

When the best-practices of education's consultancies are supported by an integrating platform, such as escent, every method can then be implemented in relation to the others, and ultimately in relation to the student. Rather than being received as "add-on" practices for a school, the adoption of these best methods will have a harmonizing effect on the whole.


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